Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Why is There Chocolate?

While talking with one of my language learners online, I was presented with an interesting question. I decided it was a question that forced me to examine why I do things as a Christian. Just because? Or because I truly love the Lord?

Here's the story: I was meeting with a South Korean who lives in Canada.

Inserting prayer request here: Pray for South Korea! They have a presidential election May 9th that has a lot weighing on it. One of the leading candidates has sympathetic meanings toward North Korea.

We will call her Sally. Sally and I were discussing holidays and religion. She told me she had not been really involved with any religion, but that her parents became Catholics in recent years. Sally told me she knew some about Easter, but asked if I would explain the holiday to her more in detail.

Talk about Easter? Sure! I love Resurrection Sunday! So I began. I told her about why Christ died for our sins and about how He victoriously rose from the death, which cancelled the power sin & death has over us.

She listened intently and understood the language I was using. She understood the vocabulary I was using. She understood what the holiday was truly all about. But she was genuinely confused about one thing and she asked me about it.

"Why is there chocolate?"
What Sally struggled to understand was if our culture truly was excited about Christ's resurrection, then why did we add other things like bunnies, chocolate, and eggs?

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