Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Toe

I guess I had better stop writing about the broken bones of my children. We were at a fellowship last night our church was holding. There were a lot of fun activities. Skating, laser tag, jungle gym, inflatable slides...

I naturally avoided the laser tag as I really didn't relish the idea of having a seizure to entertain the entire church family.

I love chasing little kids and playing with them. I decided to play that game. As I was running around, climbing up the inflatable "cliffs" to slide down, I started noticing my toe was really hurting. I didn't stop to look at it. I just kept playing and then moved on to skating. The toe really started hurting and caused me to not skate as fast as I wanted to. I just told people I didn't have my groove on because I was lacking my leg warmers and lip gloss from the 80's.

We got home later that evening and I finally took my sock off. My toe is bruised thoroughly and I really am having a lot of pain. I would post a picture but my toe nail polish needs to be reapplied.

I think I broke my toe.

Isn't that ironic? Hey, Mom... can you say "co-pay"?

If it is broken, I truly hope it heals nicely. I won a Pretty Feet contest in French class in high school because my toes were all so even and petite. (the teacher was unaware we were holding such a contest) I was hoping to hold on to the title a bit longer. I was planning to win the Pretty Feet contest in the nursing home I will inhabit.

Guess that's what vanity and chasing little children gets ya.


  1. Vanity cost me my left big toenail. I used to pride myself on my feet...they were so dainty and perfect. Still dainty, not perfect now.