Thursday, September 18, 2014

Teddy Bear Revival

Hubby was going through some old files on his computer. He came across some of my writings about the family. This story took place four years ago; a couple of months after Hubby returned from his year-long deployment to Iraq.

 Recently, Third Son has told us he is going to be a preacher. Of course, my first thought was "Boy, that is going to be one interesting church!", but what if he really does become a preacher? Third Son decided he wanted to hold a preaching service. He asked me if he could have some "alone time" in his room to prepare for his service. I told him he could and his brothers kindly accommodated him.

 Since Daddy has been home, the children have had their indoctrination (aka brainwashing) of bluegrass music reinstated. Well, one song on a new CD of Daddy's has really become a hit with all the children. It's called "Teddy Bear Revival" and is about a little boy who would line up his stuffed animals and preach to them. Later, the little boy grows up to be a preacher.
Third Son used his alone time in his bedroom to get all of the stuffed animals lined up on his bed. He then told Daddy he was ready to begin, but he only wanted Daddy to be his congregation. Maybe that shows discernment to exclude the rest of us? We are a rowdy bunch.

Third Son held an opening song, even though he said it was a  baby song, he sang "Jesus Loves Me". Personally, that's a favorite. I tell the kids in junior church they might think of it as a "baby song" but it really boils down the whole reason why we're at church.  Third Son also included a "meet and greet" time in the church service. He had a rooster and pig greet each other with accompanying oinks and crowing. I do feel compelled to point out here he is NOT imitating what he sees at our own church.
In preparation for the service, Third Son had collected Daddy's Bible prior to the service and had leafed through till he had found a picture of Daniel. He decided to commence his service with the story of Daniel. So here is the story of Daniel as according to Third Son.
There was a king and these guys told him that there should be a law that people could only pray to the king. But Daniel kept praying to God anyway. Those guys told on Daniel. So the king had Daniel thrown in the lions' den but an angel came and made it to where the lions didn't touch him. The king said to those guys, "You tricked me!" The king went to the den and asked Daniel if the lions had hurt them and Daniel said, "Not a scratch!". So the king had those guys thrown into the lions' den, and well, they ate those guys.
 Third Son also preached about the Lord's Supper as well.

 Jesus had told his disciples that one of them would betray Him. They all asked, "Is it I, Lord?" And then Judas asked, "Is it I, Lord?" and Jesus said, "Yes".

Just picturing Third Son saying that with his usual deadpan face cracks me up.
The men came and arrested Jesus. They beat Him up and put a crown of thorns on His head, which really hurts if you're bald!
Most likely a reference to poor Hubby.
 While on the cross, one of the guys who was on one of the other crosses told Jesus he had done a lot of bad things but he wanted to go to Heaven with Jesus. Jesus told him, "Yes, you will go to Heaven with me."
Now that Third Son had delivered his message, he decided to hold a time of invitation for his stuffed animal congregation. A troubled stuffed soul, a Minnesota Wolf given to the kids from Jon and Tammy Huju, was convicted of his many dastardly sins. This is in no way an implication of the spiritual state of Jon and Tammy, by the way. Third Son counseled with the wolf and physically assisted the wolf in kneeling and thus the angels rejoiced in another saved soul. (I'm guessing there is a chorus of stuffed animal angels somewhere???)

Completing his divine work, his calling, Third Son was now ready to leave the fellowship of

his stuffed animal congregation to join his real family in a gourmet meal of cheap pizza.

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