Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Aviation Day Camp

This week our boys are attending Aviation Day Camp held at the Hill Aerospace Museum!

We parents had to attend a little briefing with our children on the first day. Some of the kids were constantly interrupting the man. I could tell Third Son was getting irritated at one particular kid. I was hoping they wouldn't get put together to work on a team project! I wanted this to be a great experience for them, not a source of annoyance.

Anyway, the older man continued his briefing. He was amusing me because he rightly told the children they needed to have a healthy respect for others, but then referred to the group getting off the tour bus outside as a group of "Orientals". He also called one of his co-workers an "old fart". Oh, well. The man served our country.

Hubby went back later to pick them up from their first day. He told me that one of the staff members approached him. The man placed his hand on Youngest Son and said, "Let me tell you something about this one."


Thankfully, it was not bad news he reported. He just wanted to mention how Youngest Son was very willing to be helpful. He helped with getting the ladder off the cock pit they had been sitting in. The man was amazed that Youngest Son was able to, given he is so tiny.

Poor Youngest Son! He is always going to hear about how tiny he is. However, you don't have to be around him for very long to know his personality is anything but tiny! 

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