Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Faking Obedience

Sassy faked going to the bathroom outside so she could go ahead and get her treat. She had no clue I was watching her through the window. I could clearly see that she had gone outside and then turned right back around to the door.


She was focused on the treat, the reward, the prize. She didn't have a desire to obey for obedience's sake.



Do I fake obedience to God outwardly so I can be blessed? Or do I try to obey Him just because I want to obey Him?

To obey Him is to love Him.

By that measure, how much do I love Him?

I will strive to obey Him in all things. He is watching me like I watched Sassy through the window.

My treat, however, will be to hear the words, "Well done" from God Himself.

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