Tuesday, July 23, 2013

If There Is A Button, You Gotta Push It

     Today we sent Oldest Son off to visit his grandfather. We all got up early and drove down to Salt Lake City to the airport. Although the Littles were a bit sad to see Oldest Son go, even for a week, there was a definite excitement about being at the airport.

     We made our way to the kiosk. It was really crowded so just Oldest Son and Hubby went over there while I kept the Littles to the side. Then, it was time to turn his baggage in and for him to get into line at the ever-wonderful security.

     Out of the blue, I heard an alarm go off. It was very short and abrupt. But somehow, someway, I knew it was connected to my children. It was. As I whirled around to see where the sound came from, I saw Third Son walk away from the escalator in a really hurried manner.

     "What did you touch?"
     "What did you touch?"

     He then dipped his head down and pointed the emergency stop button on the escalator. Good grief. Good thing no one was on it. Good thing no one noticed...well, at least I hope no one noticed.

     Third Son comes by this "there-is-a-button-I-must-push-it" trait honestly. When I related the story to Hubby at lunch and stated that I thought our kids were past that age, he just grinned. He reminded me that every time we go into an exam room at the doctor's office, he immediately goes and touches the equipment. Oh, yes. How could I forget? I reminded him while at the funeral home the other evening, I commented that the casket was lovely. This drew Hubby's attention to said object. Wanting to make sure it was made well, Hubby reached out and tugged on various parts of it. I hissed at him to stop immediately.

Good grief.

If you are out in public and hear an alarm go off, most likely the Lee family is there.

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